Material of all types of industry

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  • Automotion

    Machinery and Tools

    mechanical workshop and automotive

  • Construction

    Building material of any kind

    (Nosings, profiles, sandpaper, metal scaffolding,

    cutting tiles ..)

  • Cosmetics

    Eyeshadows, nail polish, massage stones..

  • Electrical

    Sconces, spotlights,

    lights, downlights ...

  • Ironmongery

    Mattocks, milling, ice axes, screws,


    clamps, bearings,

    pipe benders ...

  • Publicity

    Merchandising (hats, candles,

    jackets, pens, knives ..)

  • Security

    Mermaids, security camera ..

  • Printing

    Machinery and print media

  • Paintwork

    Machinery and Tools

    related to painting

  • Optical

    Machinery and tools for optical

  • Hostelry

    Machinery and utensils

    industrial kitchen

  • Oficina